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  • Telstar has been working with Indra Sistemas to develop a mobile containment laboratory which will detect high-hazard (NRBC) contaminants

    The Telstar Group has been working with Indra Sistemas to develop a deployable mobile laboratory equipped to carry out the confirmed analytical identification of Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical (NRBC) threats for the Turkish Ministry of Defence.

    This is a containment laboratory which will detect the presence of high-hazard NRBC contaminant agents. The mobile laboratory is integrated in a module which facilitates easy transfer to the operations zone. The solution provides operatives with a clean working space which does not endanger their health, where the samples collected can be studied and the results transmitted once they have been obtained. The module is designed in a 20' configuration, and has been standardised to make it easy to transport to the required zone by helicopter or inside military transport aircraft. This laboratory has been developed by Indra Sistemas with the Telstar Group's involvement in the phase of design, integration and tests on the work carried out by Telstar, which makes up this type of facility.

    This project, commissioned by INDRA, implies recognition of Telstar's technological capacity and its knowledge of engineering in the design and development of critical and non-critical integrated facilities in the containment and life sciences field. Telstar allocates 3% of its turnover to research, development and innovation in technology.

    Partnership on this project will not be a one-off event, and future cooperation is expected on similar projects at both domestic and international level, and in projects which seek to find mobile, fixed or semi-fixed solutions.


    With the supply of this laboratory, Telstar consolidates its position in the development of modular units of containment laboratories, both conventional and high security, in both the domestic and international market. Its experience in this type of facilities, its capacity for developing tailor-made solutions and its continuous technological progress enable the group to position itself as a benchmark in the development of solutions targeted at the containment and biosecurity field. Telstar also applies this concept of complete modular construction in the development of critical zones for pharmaceutical or biotechnological producti and forbiocontainmentl boratories, quality control, laboratory animal facilities and field operating theatres.


    Indra is a global leading-edge technology company providing high added-value solutions and services for the transport and traffic, energy and industry, public administration and health, financial services, security and defence, telecom and media sectors. Indra operates in over 100 countries and has over 30,000

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