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  • Telstar develops integrated solutions for fully contained electrical equipment using SF6 gas dialectric

    Telstar has developed an integrated process system for the manufacture of electrical equipment containing SF6 gas dialectric for secondary electricity distribution networks.

    The Telstar solution, which includes the development and control of the complete equipment design and manufacturing process through the application of proprietary evacuation, filling, distribution and recovery and leak testing technology, guarantees maximum safety and ensures that the client company complies with environmental regulations for the electricity industry.

    Telstar is involved at every stage of the design and manufacturing process for equipment which handles SF6, from the evacuation, control and distribution stages to monitoring leak tightness and gas recovery in the event of faulty equipment. The physical-chemical characteristics of SF6 make it ideal as a dielectric medium for equipment that operates at a medium or high voltage. The Telstar solution checks the leaktightness of the tanks that are to house the gas and to assure that they are filled with sufficient precision. These solutions also cover all operations relating to gas handling, transfer and recovery in order to minimise losses. All SF6 circulation and storage is monitored by a central system which detects any anomalies that may arise. SF6 detectors are located at key points to raise the alarm if any gas is present.

    Of the gases used to inhibit electric arcing and as insulators in electricity distribution equipment, SF6 is the most common in Europe and Asia, enabling highly compact equipment to be developed to optimise space.

    Telstar's ability to develop integrated process solutions for the manufacture of electrical equipment containing SF6 is the result of almost 50 years' experience and research into the application of vacuum technologies in the industrial sector. Through this solution, Telstar has become the first company to take on the design, manufacture and control of the entire equipment process for this sector.

    The development of integrated solutions for electrical equipment containing SF6 has enabled Telstar to provide a secure solution Environmental compliance that assures the leaktightness and monitored control of the equipment, in accordance with the commitment signed by the Spanish companies in the electricity industry in March 2008, through the SERCOBEmanufacturers' association. This refers to the reduction of SF6 emissions by the use of technologies and the adoption of appropriate processes and equipment, through the voluntary agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment that use SF6, represented by SERCOBE, and electricity transportation and distribution companies, represented by UNESA and REE, to limit sulphur hexafluoride emissions.

    The long atmospheric life of such gases requires strict leaktightness specifications for equipment. In response to this situation, Telstar offers the integrated system for the development of new devices while providing a system of sensors that facilitate compliance with early leak and escape detection protocol signed by the business sector, in accordance with which industry has agreed to reduce emissions by 1%.



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