No. 1 Supplier of GMP Equipment In Ireland

  • Telstar Intelligent Vial Rejection Module (IVRM) at Achema 2015.

    An innovative Inline Vial Management System which, integrated into automatic loading & unloading systems, has been designed for recognition & marshalling of vials.

    It is a compact inline quality control unit which can be fully integrated in automatic loading & unloading systems in order to automatically manage the paths of vials during the loading and/or the unloading of freeze dryers. Developed by Telstar, the IVRM has been designed to provide two main functions: the detection and the subsequent management of a specific vial in the process line. The module is able to identify and separate a specific vial according to different parameters (stopper position, missing stopper, color variation, and so on) and after identification it is capable of performing several tasks: rejection of the vial to a rejection container, separation of vial for sampling, separation of one vial for a specific function, introduction of a pre-prepared vial or re-introduction of a vial subsequent to removal. The innovative IVRM represents a compact and versatile solution for inline vial management at high speeds, ensuring appropriate processing of lyophilized products as well as reducing the risk of batch contamination, spoilage and the time of operator intervention



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