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  • Telstar Clean Air shares knowledge

    The technology centre Telstar Clean Air is convinced that high quality cabinets should be supported with a reliable level of knowledge from distributors, end-users and installers to guarantee maximu biological safety to operators, products and the environment.

    To impart knowledge concerning biological safety, Telstar Clean Air organises various courses and training programs.

    For many years, Telstar Clean Air has been organising specific product and operator training for end-users and distributors upon request. Since September 2008 Telstar Clean Air has also been organising courses for public registration.

    For these courses, Telstar Clean Air collaborates with Bock Advies, specialist in laboratory ventilation and biological safety and also with the service and validation company, PMV.

    The courses are held in the Telstar Clean Air facility in Woerden, The Netherlands and combine theory, practical case studies and video demonstrations along with live demonstrations in the Telstar Clean Air


    The subjects discussed during the course are adapted to the participating companies and the roles of attendees and specific questions and requests are always taken into consideration.

    Telstar Clean Air and Bock Advies can also organise in-company courses, with or without customisation to specific company types, job types and/or specific subjects.

    Current course program:

    ·Working with Microbiological Safety Cabinets (for operators)

    ·Ventilation, furnishing and safety facilities of laboratories

    ·Microbiological Safety Cabinets EN 12469, DIN 12980 and NSF 49.

    Telstar Clean Air is Telstar’s technology centre for clean air systems, located in Woerden,




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