No. 1 Supplier of GMP Equipment In Ireland

  • Tecninox


    A team of Project Managers, engineers, software experts, analyze the vendor jobs in detail, evaluating accurately the technical aspects and the problems, in continuous partnershipwith the final customer.


    Lines are assembled and wired in different workshops, where they are accurately customized with several tools, softwareand all items requested by the customer. Before shipment, lines are tested in the test-area using pure fluids, assuring their correct operation.


    From design to realization till plant validation. This is what Tecninox can offer. The endless development of ideas and new solutions has always been the mission of Tecninox. Tecninox will to guarantee a constant technological leadership is always based on four fundamental values:





    Tecninox "product portfolio" includes turnkey process plants for different fields. Every plant is realized according to the recent GEP, ASME, FDA, cGMP, GAMP standards as requested by the most modern and recent technologies meeting the necessary requirements of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.



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