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  • Hecht - Pneumatic Conveying System advantages

    Five years ago, our target was to develop a pneumatic conveying system, that combines and even improves the advantages of similar systems. A compact and hygienic system developed for the high cGMP require-ments of the pharmaceutical- and food industry, as well as easy to clean and maintain, (that) was the task. Of course WIP and CIP units or an inerting system can be installed as an option. WE could achieve a tangible progress as to the conveying power and thus cover new fields of application.

    The central element of our PCC is the filter head with its filter elements. Only filters complying FDA regulations are used. Compared to the filter area and the filter resistance the PCC has enormous power. The filter can be cleaned and changes easily. Optional window in the head permits to control the conveying and cleaning process and, if necessary adjust the parameters more exactly. In addi-tion to the powerful conveying mode for long distances and heights the PCC can also be adjusted for slow conveying in a dense conveying mode. This conveying mode is used for products which tend to product segregation because of their high proportions of fine particles.

    As a specialist for contamination free applications in the bulk solids industry HECHT has been a partner in a Europe wide research project, which was examined the industrial production of Nano-particles. Especially when handling extremely fine and toxic products, highest contain-ment requirements must be observed to protect the operators and enable them to work in a clean working area, without using fullbody protetive suits. Beside the filling and discharging of different bins, the conveying of the product has been one of the main topics. This project allows us to expand our know-how, so that we can continue the development of safe, clean and efficient conveying systems for bulk solids.

    With this key component of the HECHT product portfolio, we connect the process steps of our customers, beginning with the discharging of different bins to conveying and charging of further systems such as reactors or tablet presses. Your product and your operator will always be protected. In the meantime hundreds of PCCs have been used worldwide in several different industries. We are very proud of this fact and are looking forward to finding the perfect solution for your application using our expertise and possible versions. Case by case, if it is necessary we develop a solution for you. For example such an customer specific solution has been included to the standard portfolio of HECHT. The new PCC 700>>, a powerful pneumatic conveyor as never seen before.



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