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  • Hecht - Containment for drum discharging

    Containment means highest safety for product and operator, for HECHT it means even more: safe, clean and efficient. Due to our vision we developed two systems for containment drum discharigng, which are especially tailored to the re-quirements of our customers. The focus has been on easy handling of the discharging station and also of the local conditions of our customers. This challenge made us devisetwo solutions for the dischargingof drums, which have the same containment level (OEB 5), but with different working processes exactly optimized for the requirements of our customers.


    The Containment Drum discharging station with glovebox and integrated lifting device is one of the leading systems in the dust- and contamination-free bulk solids industry. The easy handling during the discharging process as well as the simplicity of the drum connection are unique. Depending on your re-quirements, transport to the next process step is pos-sible by gravity (multi floor productions) or via the effective pneumatic conveying system ProClean con-veyer PCC. Depending on your product, it is possible to connect a suction shoe for the conveying system or, as an option a stirring device. The integrated front glass allows you to observe the conveying process. The gloves support easy product-handling. Due to the unique drum discharging station it is possible to achieve containment levels up to OEB 5.


    The Containment Drum discharging station CFE-L is an innovative possibility to discharge drums dust- and contamination free. The drum is positioned under the isolator by the automatic lifting device and connected to the box via a roller conveyor. The drum can be dis-charged completely using the suction lance with linear guidance and, as an option, with actuator. The win-dow provides a clear view into the glovebox. The Pro-Clean conveyor transports your bulk solids to the next process step. As an option, inerting with N² is available. The isolator box perfectly suited for low space processing, because of its compact design. Automation and integration into an existing roller con-veying system is also possible. Containment level up to OEB 5.



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