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  • Hecht - Containment - A closed book?

    Generally, a containment system has to be constructed and used in a way that the contamination of the environment by dust and other substances is avoided. The re-quirements on the systems de-pend on the products and have to be newly defined for each project. Different containment levels can be classified by the support of the HECHT pyramid. In the pyramid several classifications such as OEB ( Occupational Exposure Band ) and OEL ( Occupational Exposure Limit ) or TOX ( Toxici-ty ) are showed. The classifica-tion refers to the toxicity of the products and permits to deter-mine the amount of particles per air quantity. Having classified your product, HECHT offers the appropriate solution (depending on you requirements). The sys-tems then have to be designed in a way they meet the specification level. Basic hygienic design approaches include dead space free design, closed systems or easy accessi-bility for cleaning.



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