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  • Graniten - Vision and strategy


    Europe’s leading independent developer of smart machine solutions.


    Smart solutions within machine development with a focus on function and performance.

    Our business concept means that we offer smart machine solutions based on customers’ specific needs and wishes. We always deliver the promised results, together with the required features – no more no less. This requires not only great responsibility and innovation, but also experience from a variety of industries and knowledge of the entire development process. From initial idea to production start.


    Machine solutions from clever minds.

    In a world inundated with promises, it is absolutely critical to our success that we keep our word. Our pledge to existing and prospective clients is that we create machine solutions through a unique combination of talented employees. With one common denominator: All are equipped with sharp brains and possess varying skills and experience. Together, they will always produce the best solution. Regardless of the problem or need. This is what we stand for today and what we will stand for in the future.



    No matter what type of task we face, one thing is for certain. We always use our unique mix of skills to create smarter solutions that deliver the function that is ultimately to be achieved. This means our solutions can be the most innovative and ground breaking of their kind. But that is not the purpose in itself. We cross-fertilize our knowledge from various industries, refine existing technologies and question existing practices in our quest for the optimal route to our goal – smarter machine solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and wishes.


    One of our most important starting points is to develop high quality machine solutions. This is quite simply a prerequisite for our customers in order that they feel happy to have chosen us as a strategic partner within machine development. We must nurture this trust by always delivering to the best of our ability. This applies to everything from design, construction and validation, to how we work together with our customers, partners and with each other. True quality requires more than just technical perfection.


    We know that we are not as strong on our own, and that the road to success is about creating good partnerships. That includes between customers and suppliers and between colleagues. We have built up strong working partnerships with several manufacturing providers to offer complete solutions. That is why we can stand with both feet firmly on the ground if things do not go as planned, in situations that seem impossible to solve, or when we are faced with a lot of success all at once. Together, we are selfless in the search for the best ideas and we are happy to share our knowledge and discoveries. For us, genuine partnership is about building long term relationships that are characterized by openness, honesty and the willingness to take responsibility.



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