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  • ClassII biological safetycabinet for IVF labs and clinics

    The r Class II Biological Safety Cabinet developed in the Telstar Clean Air technology centre, specially designed for IVF applications, has been on the market for several years and is now available with fully

    integrated heating plate.

    The IVF biological safety cabinet is based on the Class II Series EuroFlow Type EF. This series provides superior quality, solid construction, proven reliability and the flexibility to meet specific customer requirements..

    Specific Features

    ·Front window for microscope

    The design of the front window is modified to fit the ocular of the microscope on the outside of the front window, while having the microscope on the inside of the work space, without any loss of biological protection to operator, product and environment.

    ·Microscope vibration-free mounting

    The base of the microscope is mounted on a sub-frame underneath the work surface which is not directly connected to the working surface itself. This isolates the microscope from vibration.

    ·Microscope integrated into work surface

    Because the foot of the microscope is mounted below the work surface, it creates no obstruction to work space and the area around the work surface can be optimally used.

    ·Microscope types

    Almost any type of microscope can be built into the cabinet.

    ·Peripheral equipment can be integrated into

    the microscope

    Additional peripheral equipment for the microscope can be built in or connected to the cabinet by special feed troughs.

    New Feature

    ·Fully integrated heating plate.

    Clean Air has recently designed a unique heating plate. The heating plate is fully integrated into the working surface;the key features and benefits of which are:

    ·Both top and bottom of the heating plate are seamlessly integrated to provide a completely smooth work surface, without any differences in height. Items such as petri dishes can be slid effortless over the work surface. Moreover, the work surface is easy to clean.

    ·The temperature of the plate is very accurate and uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the plate.

    ·The control panel is easy to use and read and and is within easy reach of the operator.



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