No. 1 Supplier of GMP Equipment In Ireland

  • DARA

    High Technology, Quality and Service

    Since it was founded in 1996, DARA PHARMACEUTICAL PACKAGING has focused all its effort on Quality, Innovation and Technological Excellence. We provide to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Cosmetic Industries the most advanced technological equipment in the market, contributing, thus, to the improvement of well-being and quality of life of people. DARA offer a high level of innovation and development along with the capability to adapt each project to the specific needs of the customer.

    DARA manufacture washing, sterilizing, filling, and closing machines for bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes, and bags to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powder in sterile conditions. The machines can work either individually or form a complete production line.

    DARA’s international focus is also crucial to the company and about 90% of our equipment is exported. Our sales team, project management and after sales service operate at an international level, being represented in more than 80 countries.



  • Tecninox


    A team of Project Managers, engineers, software experts, analyze the vendor jobs in detail, evaluating accurately the technical aspects and the problems, in continuous partnershipwith the final customer.


    Lines are assembled and wired in different workshops, where they are accurately customized with several tools, softwareand all items requested by the customer. Before shipment, lines are tested in the test-area using pure fluids, assuring their correct operation.


    From design to realization till plant validation. This is what Tecninox can offer. The endless development of ideas and new solutions has always been the mission of Tecninox. Tecninox will to guarantee a constant technological leadership is always based on four fundamental values:





    Tecninox "product portfolio" includes turnkey process plants for different fields. Every plant is realized according to the recent GEP, ASME, FDA, cGMP, GAMP standards as requested by the most modern and recent technologies meeting the necessary requirements of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.



  • Graniten - Vision and strategy


    Europe’s leading independent developer of smart machine solutions.


    Smart solutions within machine development with a focus on function and performance.

    Our business concept means that we offer smart machine solutions based on customers’ specific needs and wishes. We always deliver the promised results, together with the required features – no more no less. This requires not only great responsibility and innovation, but also experience from a variety of industries and knowledge of the entire development process. From initial idea to production start.


    Machine solutions from clever minds.

    In a world inundated with promises, it is absolutely critical to our success that we keep our word. Our pledge to existing and prospective clients is that we create machine solutions through a unique combination of talented employees. With one common denominator: All are equipped with sharp brains and possess varying skills and experience. Together, they will always produce the best solution. Regardless of the problem or need. This is what we stand for today and what we will stand for in the future.



    No matter what type of task we face, one thing is for certain. We always use our unique mix of skills to create smarter solutions that deliver the function that is ultimately to be achieved. This means our solutions can be the most innovative and ground breaking of their kind. But that is not the purpose in itself. We cross-fertilize our knowledge from various industries, refine existing technologies and question existing practices in our quest for the optimal route to our goal – smarter machine solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and wishes.


    One of our most important starting points is to develop high quality machine solutions. This is quite simply a prerequisite for our customers in order that they feel happy to have chosen us as a strategic partner within machine development. We must nurture this trust by always delivering to the best of our ability. This applies to everything from design, construction and validation, to how we work together with our customers, partners and with each other. True quality requires more than just technical perfection.


    We know that we are not as strong on our own, and that the road to success is about creating good partnerships. That includes between customers and suppliers and between colleagues. We have built up strong working partnerships with several manufacturing providers to offer complete solutions. That is why we can stand with both feet firmly on the ground if things do not go as planned, in situations that seem impossible to solve, or when we are faced with a lot of success all at once. Together, we are selfless in the search for the best ideas and we are happy to share our knowledge and discoveries. For us, genuine partnership is about building long term relationships that are characterized by openness, honesty and the willingness to take responsibility.



  • Hecht - Containment - A closed book?

    Generally, a containment system has to be constructed and used in a way that the contamination of the environment by dust and other substances is avoided. The re-quirements on the systems de-pend on the products and have to be newly defined for each project. Different containment levels can be classified by the support of the HECHT pyramid. In the pyramid several classifications such as OEB ( Occupational Exposure Band ) and OEL ( Occupational Exposure Limit ) or TOX ( Toxici-ty ) are showed. The classifica-tion refers to the toxicity of the products and permits to deter-mine the amount of particles per air quantity. Having classified your product, HECHT offers the appropriate solution (depending on you requirements). The sys-tems then have to be designed in a way they meet the specification level. Basic hygienic design approaches include dead space free design, closed systems or easy accessi-bility for cleaning.



  • Hecht - Containment for drum discharging

    Containment means highest safety for product and operator, for HECHT it means even more: safe, clean and efficient. Due to our vision we developed two systems for containment drum discharigng, which are especially tailored to the re-quirements of our customers. The focus has been on easy handling of the discharging station and also of the local conditions of our customers. This challenge made us devisetwo solutions for the dischargingof drums, which have the same containment level (OEB 5), but with different working processes exactly optimized for the requirements of our customers.


    The Containment Drum discharging station with glovebox and integrated lifting device is one of the leading systems in the dust- and contamination-free bulk solids industry. The easy handling during the discharging process as well as the simplicity of the drum connection are unique. Depending on your re-quirements, transport to the next process step is pos-sible by gravity (multi floor productions) or via the effective pneumatic conveying system ProClean con-veyer PCC. Depending on your product, it is possible to connect a suction shoe for the conveying system or, as an option a stirring device. The integrated front glass allows you to observe the conveying process. The gloves support easy product-handling. Due to the unique drum discharging station it is possible to achieve containment levels up to OEB 5.


    The Containment Drum discharging station CFE-L is an innovative possibility to discharge drums dust- and contamination free. The drum is positioned under the isolator by the automatic lifting device and connected to the box via a roller conveyor. The drum can be dis-charged completely using the suction lance with linear guidance and, as an option, with actuator. The win-dow provides a clear view into the glovebox. The Pro-Clean conveyor transports your bulk solids to the next process step. As an option, inerting with N² is available. The isolator box perfectly suited for low space processing, because of its compact design. Automation and integration into an existing roller con-veying system is also possible. Containment level up to OEB 5.



  • Hecht - Pneumatic Conveying System advantages

    Five years ago, our target was to develop a pneumatic conveying system, that combines and even improves the advantages of similar systems. A compact and hygienic system developed for the high cGMP require-ments of the pharmaceutical- and food industry, as well as easy to clean and maintain, (that) was the task. Of course WIP and CIP units or an inerting system can be installed as an option. WE could achieve a tangible progress as to the conveying power and thus cover new fields of application.

    The central element of our PCC is the filter head with its filter elements. Only filters complying FDA regulations are used. Compared to the filter area and the filter resistance the PCC has enormous power. The filter can be cleaned and changes easily. Optional window in the head permits to control the conveying and cleaning process and, if necessary adjust the parameters more exactly. In addi-tion to the powerful conveying mode for long distances and heights the PCC can also be adjusted for slow conveying in a dense conveying mode. This conveying mode is used for products which tend to product segregation because of their high proportions of fine particles.

    As a specialist for contamination free applications in the bulk solids industry HECHT has been a partner in a Europe wide research project, which was examined the industrial production of Nano-particles. Especially when handling extremely fine and toxic products, highest contain-ment requirements must be observed to protect the operators and enable them to work in a clean working area, without using fullbody protetive suits. Beside the filling and discharging of different bins, the conveying of the product has been one of the main topics. This project allows us to expand our know-how, so that we can continue the development of safe, clean and efficient conveying systems for bulk solids.

    With this key component of the HECHT product portfolio, we connect the process steps of our customers, beginning with the discharging of different bins to conveying and charging of further systems such as reactors or tablet presses. Your product and your operator will always be protected. In the meantime hundreds of PCCs have been used worldwide in several different industries. We are very proud of this fact and are looking forward to finding the perfect solution for your application using our expertise and possible versions. Case by case, if it is necessary we develop a solution for you. For example such an customer specific solution has been included to the standard portfolio of HECHT. The new PCC 700>>, a powerful pneumatic conveyor as never seen before.



  • Telstar LyoBeta

    Specifically designed for small scale formulation, research and development work.

    The latest generation of the well-established LyoBeta; the Pilot-scale Freeze Dryer designed for the field of experimentation, research and formulation to develop recipes for pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes, prior to the full scale production. LyoBeta offers the flexibility, performance and small foot print required in a laboratory unit while offering advanced process control features, including a PLC-based control system and enhanced control and programming capabilities and management software. These features make LyoBeta the most complete, efficient and convenient pilot unit on the market.



  • Telstar Cartridge Mushroom Valve

    An innovative isolation valve with less complexity and easier maintenance which provides enhanced process safety.

    A new main isolation valve which connects the drying chamber and condenser of freeze dryers, the Telstar Cartridge Mushroom Valve has been designed to enhance process safety. Applicable to GMP industrial freeze dryers, the innovative isolation valve provides higher levels of leak tightness than a butterfly valve and requires less maintenance than a conventional mushroom valve. The new valve has also been designed to operate utilizing rotational movement in a manner which eliminates the use of the bellows sealing system which characterizes the conventional mushroom valve. This decreases the risk of leakage and provides a greater level of process safety. The new valve has been designed to be either installed in new freeze dryers or retrofitted to existing units currently equipped with butterfly valves.



  • Automatic Vial Loading & Unloading System

    A new generation of vial loading and unloading systems which offers greater robustness, efficiency, reliability and accuracy in the vial transport and transfer process, in addition to easier cleaning and simplified maintenance.

    Telstar will demonstrate a constant height ‘push’-type of unloading system for vials which is so compact that it does not impact the layout of the freeze dryer, yet all mechanisms requiring maintenance are external to the chamber in the technical area. The unloading system is designed to operate in conjunction with Telstar’s constant height ‘push’-type loading system.



  • Telstar Intelligent Vial Rejection Module (IVRM) at Achema 2015.

    An innovative Inline Vial Management System which, integrated into automatic loading & unloading systems, has been designed for recognition & marshalling of vials.

    It is a compact inline quality control unit which can be fully integrated in automatic loading & unloading systems in order to automatically manage the paths of vials during the loading and/or the unloading of freeze dryers. Developed by Telstar, the IVRM has been designed to provide two main functions: the detection and the subsequent management of a specific vial in the process line. The module is able to identify and separate a specific vial according to different parameters (stopper position, missing stopper, color variation, and so on) and after identification it is capable of performing several tasks: rejection of the vial to a rejection container, separation of vial for sampling, separation of one vial for a specific function, introduction of a pre-prepared vial or re-introduction of a vial subsequent to removal. The innovative IVRM represents a compact and versatile solution for inline vial management at high speeds, ensuring appropriate processing of lyophilized products as well as reducing the risk of batch contamination, spoilage and the time of operator intervention




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