JMC Project Services


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No. 1 Supplier of GMP Equipment In Ireland

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JMC Project Services Limited is a wholly owned Irish company established with a view to offering a one stop shop for companies purchasing equipment and services for the Lifesciences Industries in particular. We represent a number of local and International companies who specialise in the supply of  a range of equipment designed specifically  for use in GMP regulated industries.


JMC Project Services  Vison is to provide the Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Food and Energy industries in Ireland with the most efficient and innovative solutions for process and facility implementation and optimization.


JMC Project Services represents the folowing companies in the supply of equipment and services in Ireland.


•   Hecht Technologie - World  leader in solid material transfers, especially in containment applications.

•   Nybergs - Specialise in the manufacture of materials handling solutions for GMP facilities.

•   Pharmadule - Specialise in the manufacture of modular process skids for the lifesciences Industries.

•   Telstar – Supplier of  world class process equipment – lyophilizers, sterilizers, isolators, WFI & clean steam, etc.

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